First-Class Web Hosting for a World-Class Industry

Secure, Fast, and Reliable

Like the Royal Guards to Buckingham Palace, NextGuest Digital protects your website like royalty. Well, not exactly like that (no funny hats), but we do provide you with the most innovative, secure and search-engine friendly hosting solution in the industry today. Our state-of-the-art ‘Cloud’ hosting and CDN (Content Delivery Network) dramatically increases download speeds on your website through a secure and lightning-fast hosting platform. Our hosting environment utilizes the CDN to manage rich media such as quality videos and high resolution, dynamic images. 

This solution inevitably boosts conversions on your hotel site by drastically improving the user experience and search engine performance. Why? The recent Google Panda Algorithm considers download speeds as crucial factors that can make or break SEO rankings. In fact, our hosting service specifically designed for hospitality can make your site two to three times faster than the industry average while guaranteeing no downtime due to server maintenance. We also ensure your website has no interference from other sites by using a dedicated virtual server and IP address. Worried about space limitations? Our service allows unlimited disk capacity. And okay, the funny hats are negotiable.