Pulling In Information from Third-Party Systems

Develop Your Hotel Website Wth Custom Integrations

At NextGuest Digital, we have a growing team consisting of programmers, website developers, and front-end developers. All team members have had extensive training in-house, and have gone through certification programs that enable them to work together to create and maintain websites that range from small 20-room properties to websites that power 1,200+ properties under one domain. 

Our programmers, who are certified in many hospitality-specific third-party platforms, work with clients to best leverage existing third-party integrations and build out any new integrations as needed in the most cost-effective manner for our clients.  One great example of this is Tsogo Sun.  NextGuest Digital had to connect with over 15 new third-party vendors in order to achieve the client’s goals, and this project was still completed within 7.5 months. They specifically wanted casino applications, Broadway theater ticket integration, movie theatre ticketing, ATM, slot machine jackpot payout feeds, and many more all seamlessly built into their website.

The above is an example of just one project - at NextGuest Digital we also have integrations/APIs with many different types of systems such as GDS's, Language Proxies, Review Sites, and countless booking engines. 

If you have a need, reach out to one of our team members by filling out the form to start the conversation.