Get Conversions by Getting Personal

Show the right content to the right consumer

Content Personalization was always the best kept secret for hotel conversions. Although not a secret anymore, not everyone knows how to do it correctly and strategically. NextGuest Digital’s Smart Personalization Engine allows hotel websites to deliver unique and relevant textual, visual and promotional content to site visitors based on their demographics, geo location, user behavior, past booking history, guest preferences, reward program affiliation and customer segment. Think of it as ‘strategic stalking.’

In an age where we are all bombarded with infinite amounts of information, personalizing content is crucial to win the fight in the digital space. It is a way to stand out in the travel planning process and convey to visitors that your hotel really gets them. Nowadays, web users are not just wanting personalization; they are expecting it. According to Microsoft Research, 92% of consumers are demanding a personalized approach, and 86% said that it influenced their purchase. 

By tailoring your hotel’s online content to the visitor’s needs via our Smart Personalization Engine, you can increase conversions by 40%—all while driving customer retention, competitive advantage and loyalty. Getting personal has never been easier.