December 11, 2018

Product Spotlight: Hotel Blogs

The Problem

Hotels face steep competition no matter their market. Forming relationships with visitors and getting in front of the right guest is sometimes all that is needed to set the brand apart from competitors. The goal for many hotels is developing that customer relationship in order to position themselves as experts of their destination. But first, they need to get in front of these guests on the search engine results pages.


The Solution: Hotel Blog

The hotel blog serves as a platform to share informational and inspirational content to past, current and future guests, all while driving traffic to the hotel website and attracting prospective guests. With more relevant content, hotels can increase organic visibility. Since blogs provide the opportunity to frequently add new content, Google and other search engines can serve your website listing in more organic search queries. Additionally, blog content about your hotel’s destination will position your brand as a destination expert, build trust with potential guests, and allow them to find useful information and answers to their questions without having to search elsewhere on the internet.


The Guest

The guest includes top of funnel travelers who are usually looking for more information on the hotel or its destination. They are using search engines and social media to discover websites and content.

 Product Spotlight: Hotel Blogs Offered by HEBS Digital

The Benefits

  • Boosts search engine rankings.
    • Search engines love fresh content. Since blogs provide the foundation to consistently add fresh content, this can help increase rankings on results pages as well as appear in more organic searches.
  • Provides value to website visitors and increases the time spent on the website.
    • Readers click on your blog because they want to learn more about what your hotel is writing about. By producing high-quality content, visitors will get more value from your hotel and will stay on your website longer to check out more useful posts or content on the website.
  • Allows visibility to distinct aspects of your hotel and destination.
    • A lot of blog content should center around your hotel’s destination. Providing insider knowledge that isn’t easily found elsewhere is a great way to position your hotel as the expert of the destination and gives visibility to otherwise under-the-radar aspects of your hotel.


Before getting started on your hotel blog, it’s important to develop a content strategy that works for you, including the topics you’ll focus on and how often you’ll update the blog. Read more about hotel blogging best practices and tips for types of posts in our article The Top 5 Blog Posts Hotels Should be Writing.

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