September 20, 2018

Product Spotlight: Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel

The Problem

At the beginning stages of the travel planning journey, visitors have shown intent to travel to your destination and are clicking on your marketing ads. However, these people are still browsing and shopping around – not yet ready to make reservations and using valuable marketing dollars. How can hotels effectively stay top of mind throughout the user’s planning phase until they are ready to book?


The Solution: Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel

With Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel, hotels have the ability to retarget people on Facebook and Instagram who display intent to travel by visiting the hotel website. The ads are highly relevant and personalized with dynamic copy and rates that populate based on the traveler’s dates searched and destination.


The Guest

The guest includes leisure travelers, from millennials to retirees, that are actively on Facebook throughout their travel planning journey. Reach these people where they are spending the majority of their online time by serving relevant content directly in their newsfeed.


The Benefits

  • Win Back Abandoned Bookings
    • The ads can act as a form of reservation abandonment by retargeting website visitors who previously initiated a booking.
  • Prospect Potential Guests
    • Serves as a prospecting tool reaching users who have expressed destination-level travel intent but have not visited the hotel website.
  • Lowers Cost of Sale
    • With the use of Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel, hotels can win market share from the OTAs and increase direct online revenue while lowering the cost of sale.


The Proof

A Miami hotel was looking for a way to encourage users who had recently visited their website to return and complete a booking. Two variations of Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel were launched, prospecting ads and retargeting ads, served to people online who’s behavior suggested they were planning a trip to Miami or they had previously initiated a booking on the hotel website. Seven months after implementing the ads, the hotel saw:

  • 500k Social Impressions
  • 71 Bookings
  • 10X ROAS
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