October 25, 2018

Product Spotlight: Countdown Banner + Promo Tiles

The Problem

When running a limited time offer, it’s important to promote it throughout the duration of the sale on the hotel website. Visibility of the promotion and how much time remains are key factors when a website visitor is considering completing a booking. Often times, if the information the website visitor is not looking for cannot easily be found, they will leave the website without ever completing a booking.


The Solution: Countdown Banner + Promo Tiles

The Countdown Banner and Promo Tile module in the smartCMS® features a pushdown tile at the top of the homepage, prominently displaying a countdown clock and information about a limited time offer, promotion, sale or event. The Countdown Banner and Promo Tile application is used to drive bookings and revenue in times of low occupancy, group cancelations, around a major holiday or event.


The Guest

The guest includes past and future travelers who visit the hotel website. They came either on their own or through a multichannel marketing campaign and are interested in the current promotion that is running. The countdown banner catches their eye the minute they land on the website.

 Countdown Banner + Promo Tiles, Products by HEBS Digital

The Benefits

  • Improves the user experience on the website.
    • Being able to highlight an offer as the first thing someone sees when they come to the hotel website can improve the user experience and help travelers make a quicker decision to book.
  • Drives urgency to book.
    • Countdown functionalities encourage users to act before time runs out. Implementing these types of features on websites is critical to the success of limited time offers.
  • Generates buzz and awareness.
    • As a supplement to multichannel marketing campaigns, the promotional tool brings awareness to seasonal promotions, like Cyber Monday, and makes the consumer aware of offers and amenities the moment they reach the website.


The Proof

A hotel in the Florida Keys needed to generate excitement for the reopening of their property after a severe hurricane in the most cost-efficient way possible. With the entire hotel leveled in the storm, the team needed to bring awareness to the completed restoration of the property. A countdown banner was implemented, allowing the property to generate a high volume of bookings leading to the following results:

  • 63X ROI
  • 121 Nights
  • 34 Bookings
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