July 9, 2019

Product Spotlight: Content Personalization Engine 2.0

The Problem

According to a recent study by Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to complete a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. Consumers are more curious, more impatient, and demand more personalized results now more than ever before. They expect tailored experiences, and they expect brands to know their intent as soon as they arrive on the website.


The Solution: Content Personalization Engine 2.0

Your website has all of the key content guests need – information about rooms, special offers, amenities, on-site dining, and nearby activities in the destination. Help users at every stage along the customer travel journey to find the content they are looking for by creating a dynamic user experience that delivers personalized content to various segments of your audience. With 64 targeting metrics, hotels can harness the power of user data to serve strategic content to the right customer, in the right place, at the right time – all with the goal of generating more revenue for your property.


The Guest

Because of the large amount of targeting metrics available with Content Personalization Engine 2.0, the ideal guest can vary depending on your property’s specific business needs. Hotels can target families, solo travelers, millennials, travelers in the dreaming phase, travelers closer to the bookings phase, and so on. The guest you are targeting should be well thought out with personas created in order to zero in on their specific likes, dislikes, and behaviors.


The Benefits

  • Creates a dynamic website experience.
    • By delivering personalized messaging and content, no two users will have the same experience on the hotel website.
  • Builds brand loyalty with customers.
    • When visitors have an enjoyable website experience and find exactly what they are looking for, it will create a stronger relationship between them and your brand.
  • Boosts conversion rates and bookings.
    • Serve content that guides the user through the website from initial engagement towards the completion of a booking.


Let’s See an Example

A resort property that receives a number of repeat visitors each year noticed their ADR index on their STR report is low. In an effort to boost ADR, they want to personalize elements of their website to encourage more suite bookings.

Before building their audience, they first identified their target market: wealthy guests from fly-in destinations that have previously stayed or visited the hotel website. Taking the audience into consideration, the property utilized the components below, using different strategies throughout the travel planning journey.


The Dreaming Phase

  1. Referral Type: Messaging shown to users have been to the website before and are a possible past guest.
  2. Completed a Booking: Messaging is shown to guests that do not have a future reservation.
  3. Geo: Fly-in travelers are more likely to be traveling from farther away and often take longer vacations.
  4. Median HHI:  Above $100,000.

The Dreaming Phase Content Strategy: Although this guest has visited your site before, they are still undecided on a destination for their upcoming trip.  Help capture their imagination by showing destination imagery, activities, and on-site luxury amenities.


The Planning Phase

  • Build on top of the existing audience and add in:
    1. Initiated a Booking: Users are looking to stay for more than three days.
    2. Has Visited: Messaging is shown to visitors who have come to either your suite or dining page.

The Planning Phase Content Strategy: Now that they have been inspired and are actively planning their trip, they are looking for the right hotel and accommodations. Show them your specialty suite offers for long-term stays.


The Booking Phase

  • Build on top of the existing audience and add in:
    1. Time Across Sessions: Users who are on the website for more than 10 minutes are highly interested in booking.
    2. Device Type: Users are on a mobile device.

The Booking Phase Content Strategy: The guest has done their research, narrowed down their choices and is ready to book. Ensure your guest knows they are receiving the best rate by showcasing book direct messaging, mobile-friendly hotel imagery, and clear calls to action to book.


Visit our website for more information on Content Personalization Engine 2.0.

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