August 8, 2018

Product Spotlight: Mobile-First Responsive Website Design

The Problem

Search queries completed on mobile devices recently surpassed desktop as the majority Google search type, a trend that is expected to continually rise as smartphone usage increases and the popularity of voice search continues to bloom. As the shift in the digital landscape moves through its many stages, Google has followed suit, solidifying that the mobile web is here to stay by placing a greater focus on the mobile experience with the announcement of mobile-first indexing.


The Solution: Mobile-First Responsive Website Design

Now is the time for hotels to optimize their websites for mobile-first indexing and the mobile user experience. Responsive website redesigns are well documented at increasing a domain’s conversion, booking, and ROI, and improving the user experience overall, but another benefit is its full compatibility with mobile-first indexing and mobile SEO in general.


The Guest

The guest can be anyone. A millennial who uses their smartphone for everything, a business traveler on the go, or even a family on vacation needing some last-minute accommodations. As mobile usage increases, more and more guests will be opting for mobile over desktop.


The Benefits

  • Increases Conversion Rates
    • Responsive websites make the user experience on mobile devices easy and seamless. This opens up an entirely new audience to reach, thus converting more website visitors into hotel guests.
  • Increases the Position on Google Search Results Pages
    • With the mobile-first indexing, Google views the mobile version of websites as the “real” version used for indexing, caching in search results and ranking.
  • Bring More Visitors to the Website
    • With the SEO benefits from a responsive website, hotels can bring even more unique visitors to the website across all devices.


The Proof

A beachfront hotel & resort in the Florida Keys needed a refreshed web presence, after having a non-responsive site for years, that would be optimized for three screens and focused on direct bookings. After launching their fully responsive website they saw the following results:

  • 68% Increase in Mobile Revenue YoY
  • 5% Increase in SEO Revenue YoY
  • 3% Increase in Unique Visitors YoY


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