April 22, 2019

Marketing Monday Tip: Branded Content Ad Opportunities

Influencers are the future of marketing. The title is no longer reserved for high rollers like Kendall Jenner, with over 100 million followers on Instagram — as little as 1,000 followers can qualify someone a nano-influencer.

In 2017, Instagram launched a branded content tool that makes it easier for celebrities and sponsors to identify branded content as a sponsored post. Instagram has continued to explore ways brands can amplify content from influencers with a new branded content ad format, allowing brands to turn influencer-created posts into ads.

Why should you care?

Though this ad format is currently not available to all, now is the time to cultivate those brand-influencer relationships. Turning branded, influencer-created content into company ads bridges the gap between organic content with lower reach and inauthentic, “staged” ads with higher reach. Transform your digital marketing strategy with real content and real people.



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