December 13, 2018

Employee Spotlight: Patrick, Team Lead Digital Media & Creative Strategy

What’s your role at HEBS Digital and what do you do?

I’m the team lead of the digital media and creative strategy department here at HEBS Digital. My department is responsible for launching, tracking, and optimizing all of our display media, paid social media, and metasearch campaigns for our clients. We are also responsible for leading the collaborative effort in strategizing multichannel campaigns.


What did you do before working at HEBS Digital?

Before working here at HEBS I worked for a small, in-house marketing team for a mortgage company in Connecticut where I lead a team of marketers in content creation, SEO, and brand partnerships.


 What’s your favorite part about your job?

Collaborating with other departments across all of our accounts and watching special offers, LTO’s, and sweepstakes come to life is really rewarding.


What’s your favorite destination you’ve been to before, and why?

Barcelona and Amsterdam are my favorite cities I have been too so far. Both of the old cities were designed without cars in mind, for the most part, which makes for a very intimate inner city that allows you to get lost and explore.


What’s an essential item you can’t travel without?

After going through my parent’s travel photos, I became obsessed with the idea of developing rolls of film from every city that I visit. I still love snapping pics with my iPhone, but the film makes me feel even more attached to the places I go.

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