Is your hotel website ready for what’s next in 2018?

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Start the year off strong by giving your digital strategy a refresh. Why is this so crucial? There are two major factors that will affect website performance in 2018:

  • Google’s Mobile First Index
  • Website ADA Compliance

 With the roll-out of Google’s mobile-first index search engine update that will consider the website content displayed on mobile the “true” version of your site in the eyes of the search engine, having consistent, robust content across screens through a fully-responsive website design is no longer a nicety, it’s a must.

Also, ensuring that your website is ADA compliant is a top priority for brands across the industry and lack of compliance can result in a legal backlash.

To decide if it’s finally time to pull the trigger on a website redesign, ask yourself these top 5 questions:

  1. Is my website ready for Google’s mobile-first index?
  2. Is my website 100% ADA compliant?
  3. Has my website conversion rate been increasing year over year?
  4. Is it easy to update my website content including key booking conversion tools such real-time rates, content personalization, and reservation abandonment?
  5. Has my website been redesigned within the last two years, and does it follow current industry design trends and best practices?

If you answered ‘No’ to 2 or more questions, there’s no doubt it’s time for a website redesign to ensure your 2018 website conversion rate doesn’t fall behind and will outshine 2017.

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